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10 Year Old’s Working Overnight Shifts At Louisville McDonald’s

10 Year Old’s Working Overnight Shifts At Louisville McDonald’s

Three McDonald’s franchisees, including Bauer Food LLC, operating 62 locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio, have been fined more than $200,000 for breaking federal child labor laws. This follows an investigation that found they had employed 305 minors illegally.

Two 10-year-olds were among those working, with one of them operating a deep fryer, a duty only allowed for employees aged 16 and over. The violations have resulted in more than $212,000 in civil penalties. The McDonald’s on Taylor Boulevard, where the two 10-year-olds were found working, was among the three Louisville locations fined nearly $40,000 for violating child labor laws. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), the young children would work the drive-thru window and operate a deep fryer. This is prohibited for employees under 16 years old.

The investigation into the franchisees that operate McDonald’s restaurants across four states revealed that 305 minors were working too many hours. Some were working during school hours, which is illegal, and some were working more than the maximum hours permitted by law.

The violations found during this multi-state investigation led to civil penalties, and the Department of Labor emphasized that employers must follow child labor laws that protect young workers.

Wage and Hour Division District Director Karen Garnett-Civils in Louisville said that no circumstances should ever have a 10-year-old child working in a fast-food kitchen around hot grills, ovens, and deep fryers. In conclusion, the fines issued to the McDonald’s franchisees serve as a reminder of the importance of adhering to child labor laws. It is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of young workers.



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