Welcome to our music hub, where we strive to be one of the premier sources for exclusive underground music and creator ecosystems.


Find music education articles created by THECOMISSION NETWORK, find articles like “What is underground music?”, “What it takes to write a great song”, “Get my music on streaming services?” and more.


Here you can find instrumentals for your next project or just have something to listen and vibe to. We have mainstream instrumentals you can try your skills with and we have Exclusive rights and Leasing Rights beats available for your next single or full album. You can connect with your favorite producer and message them for a free quote depending on your needs. Also make sure you play our game “Word Bomb” our interactive video designed specifically to challenge your creativity and push your rhyming skills to the limit.

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This is our Music Hub powered by THECOMISSION NETWORK. Here you can find EVERYTHING music. With a focus on underground music you can find an archive of musicians that we work with and support. We have an Audio section featuring Singles, Full Albums & Instrumentals. Our Video section features Music Videos, Interviews with musicians & music education articles & videos.


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Sometimes we feature musicians with no affiliation to THECOMISSION NETWORK, they are featured only as a sign of respect for their contributions to music & to give people the ability to find their social media links as well as highlighted work alongside other musicians. You can request to remove your account HERE. Want to be featured or build with us further? leave us a message HERE.

WEB 2.0 is transforming into WEB 3.0

We created all the branding, merchandise, website & e-commerce store for Bulger Bloodline Records. As well as direct music videos, construct contests & create album roll out for underground artist Majik Duce.
We created the website & manage the e-commerce store for Marmaduke Records. As well as graphic work, social media posts, help with album roll out and more.
We helped with branding & development of The WTF Vodcast, Layouts, overlays, thumbnails, video templates & more, We helped onboard the podcast to different outlets like Spotify, Anchor, Pandora & more.

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