Content Schedule: How to Create and Promote Valuable Content

Here is a 4 week schedule you can follow to generate great content and grow your business!

Week 1: Topic: Finding a Desirable Idea

  • Day 1: Research a topic or question that interests you on Google and explore the ‘people also asked’ and ‘related searches’ sections for additional related ideas.
  • Day 2: Check your website’s top and trending queries in Search Console Insights to identify potential content ideas.
  • Day 3: Use Google Trends to find out what people are currently searching for in the context of a topic that interests you. Select a promising idea.

Week 2: Topic: Creating Good Content

  • Day 1: Search Google for existing content related to your chosen idea. Take inspiration from these sources to create innovative and valuable content for your target audience.
  • Day 2: Focus on crafting an engaging page title that is relevant to your content and aligns with how your audience might search for it on Google.
  • Day 3: Refer to the SEO starter guide and helpful content guide to optimize your content for search engines and user engagement.

Week 3: Topic: Helping People Discover Your Content

  • Day 1: Share links to your new content on social media platforms where your potential audiences are active.
  • Day 2: Join relevant groups and forums related to your content’s topic and share your content with the community.
  • Day 3: Seek opportunities to guest post or collaborate with other websites and include links to your new content.

Week 4: Topic: Creating Modern and Visually Appealing Content

  • Day 1: Focus on improving the presentation of your content to give it a modern and inviting look.
  • Day 2: Optimize your content to be easily readable on mobile devices, considering mobile users’ preferences.
  • Day 3: Incorporate high-quality images and videos to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your content.

By following this content schedule, you can develop valuable and engaging content while also promoting it effectively to reach a broader audience. Remember to track the performance of your content and make adjustments based on the analytics to continuously improve your content strategy. Make sure you connect with us if you want us to help! Browse our services or contact THECOMISSION NETWORK today.



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