We are the machine behind exclusive networks, independent creators and businesses. We are creating in real time with the next decade in the bag.

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We Are The Machine Behind Exclusive Networks, Independent Creators And Businesses. Everything We Do Is About Ownership. Gain Access To Exclusive Creator Ecosystems. Explore Creative Services In Toledo, Ohio.

Become a supporting member of our community and gain access to exclusive merchandise, projects & offers only available to holders. Your token will unlock 30 days access to our member’s area. Once you create an account you have 30 days inside of our ecosystems. (Sharing & interacting with our content will unlock different access levels.)


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Building Ecosystems

We are creating a gamified ecosystem using our assets and products.

Creative Services

We have access to a range of creative services. – Web Design, Graphic Design, Studio Recording, Instrumental/Beat Production, Ghostwriting, CD Artwork Design, Merchandise + More.

Own Your Data

We want you to own and control your own data. Ownership of your website, music, videos & everything else. We are building decentralized apps built using decentralized storage.

Creator Monetization

We are programming contracts for creators and collaborators ensuring everyone will get paid directly and automatically every time your asset is transacted.

We Are Building A Decentralized World.

WEB 2.0 is transforming into WEB 3.0

We created all the branding, merchandise, website & e-commerce store for Bulger Bloodline Records. As well as direct music videos, construct contests & create album roll out for underground artist Majik Duce.
We created the website & manage the e-commerce store for Marmaduke Records. As well as graphic work, social media posts, help with album roll out and more.
We helped with branding & development of The WTF Vodcast, Layouts, overlays, thumbnails, video templates & more, We helped onboard the podcast to different outlets like Spotify, Anchor, Pandora & more.
The WTF Vodcast

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Our network is limited to only 1K Founding Members. We are not concerned with outside energy, instead we focus on The Network. - Unlock content, education, community + more.

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