Lil Wayne’s Extravagant Encounter: A Royal Apology, a Franck Muller Watch, and a Free Lamborghini Truck!

Lil Wayne's Extravagant Encounter: A Royal Apology, a Franck Muller Watch, and a Free Lamborghini Truck!


Welcome back to another episode of Drink Champs, where the unexpected and extraordinary stories unfold! In this jaw-dropping episode, Lil Wayne takes us on a wild ride through an airport incident in 2020 that led to a royal apology, an exclusive Franck Muller wristwatch, and the ultimate choice between a Lamborghini and Ferrari. Strap in as we delve into the details of this surreal encounter that left Lil Wayne with more than just a tale to tell.

The Airport Troubles

Picture this – Lil Wayne, traveling with a $25k backpack filled with bling that triggered the airport’s x-ray machine. The rapper found himself at a crossroads, unable to pass through security and risking being unable to enter the country. What seemed like a routine airport hassle soon escalated into a story of a lifetime.

Enter Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman

As fate would have it, the commotion caught the attention of none other than Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Instead of letting Lil Wayne endure the airport troubles, the prince personally visited the rapper’s hotel room to extend a heartfelt apology. The unexpected turn of events took everyone by surprise and set the stage for an extraordinary display of generosity.

The Royal Apology Gifts

To express his sincere regret, Prince Mohammed bin Salman showered Lil Wayne with opulent gifts. A stunning $25k Franck Muller wristwatch adorned the rapper’s wrist, adding an extra touch of sophistication to his ensemble. But the surprises didn’t end there.

The Ultimate Choice

As a token of goodwill, the Saudi prince presented Lil Wayne with a choice that most can only dream of – a brand new Lamborghini or Ferrari! The rapper, faced with this unexpected dilemma, had the luxury of selecting his preferred high-end ride, with the promise of delivery within three weeks.

Hilarious and Surreal: Tune in to Drink Champs to witness Lil Wayne recount the hilarity and surrealism of his encounter with the Saudi prince. From airport troubles to a royal apology, unexpected gifts, and the choice between two iconic supercars – this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.


Lil Wayne’s tale of an airport fiasco turned royal extravaganza is a testament to the unpredictable nature of life. Who would have thought that a simple security check could lead to a royal apology, a Franck Muller watch, and a free Lamborghini truck? Stay tuned to Drink Champs for more unbelievable stories and celebrity encounters that keep us on the edge of our seats! #AirportTroubles #RoyalApology #UnexpectedGifts



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