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No Jumper Show – Episode #17

The No Jumper Show episode #17 features Adam22, Cam Girl, and Lil House Phone discussing the topic of kids YouTube channels and the potential upcoming “adpocalypse.” The adpocalypse refers to the possibility of a significant decrease in ad revenue for YouTube creators, which has been a concern for many content creators in recent years.

The group also delves into the recent Drake situation at Camp Flog Gnaw and Adam22 shares his experience at the Logan Paul vs KSI fight. They also mention the Bradley Martyn incident where he punched Vitaly, a popular YouTuber.

Adam22, who is also a popular YouTuber and podcast host, shares his insights on the current state of YouTube and the challenges that creators face. He provides valuable insights on how to navigate the platform and how to make content that will resonate with viewers. Cam Girl, who is a cam model, also offers her thoughts on the topic and how it relates to her industry.

Lil House Phone, a rapper, provides a different perspective on the topic as he speaks on how YouTube has helped him to grow his career. He also mentions how the platform has helped him to reach a larger audience and how the potential adpocalypse could affect him.

Overall, the conversation on the No Jumper Show episode #17 is informative and thought-provoking, with the guests sharing their unique perspectives on the topic at hand. They offer valuable insights for creators on YouTube and provide an in-depth look at the potential impact of the adpocalypse. The show also offers a glimpse into the current events in the online creator space and provides a glimpse into the ups and downs of creating content online.

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