Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Near Oakland Park Flea Market: Location Of Rapper Sexyy Red Video Shoot

Broward County authorities are currently investigating a tragic shooting incident that unfolded near the Oakland Park Flea Market Mall. This incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. at the intersection of Northwest 31st Avenue and Oakland Park Boulevard.

A video shoot featuring rapper Sexyy Red had taken place at the flea market, not far from where the shooting transpired.

According to sources informed by Local 10 News, this unfortunate incident resulted in the shooting of two individuals, with one of them tragically losing their life. One victim was discovered at a nearby gas station, while the other was located within the flea market premises.

Broward Sheriff’s deputies dedicated several hours to conducting an exhaustive investigation, focusing their efforts around a Chevron gas station and cordoning off access to multiple nearby businesses.

Notably, during the investigation, Local 10 News cameras captured the arrest of two individuals near the intersection of Broward Boulevard and Northwest 27th Avenue.

In response to these distressing events, rapper Sexyy Red issued a statement, assuring that everyone who had been part of her video shoot earlier that day had returned home safely. She emphasized that the shooting was not related to her video shoot, clarifying her connection to the incident.

As of now, authorities have not released any official information regarding the shooting, potential suspects, or any subsequent arrests.



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