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Top 3 songs to play on Halloween

Top 3 songs to play on Halloween

Here are the top 3 songs to play on Halloween! Halloween isn’t just about the spooks and frights, it’s also about getting down to some groovy beats. If you’re looking for a Halloween soundtrack that’s a little less traditional and a lot more hip, we’ve got you covered. This year you can ditch the ghostly tunes and embrace the Halloween spirit with some hip-hop and instrumental beats that will get you and your guests pumped! We’ve handpicked the top 3 hip-hop and instrumental tracks that are guaranteed to get the party started and keep the Halloween vibes flowing all night long.

1) “Halloween Dream” by Lil Doom Boy

This is the ultimate Halloween instrumental paying homage to the original Halloween theme, hand played by LDB. Check out this animation video to go along with the beat.

2) “October Thirty” by Dan Tha Saltine & Majik Duce

This song is produced by Bank Hard Beats and features two of the undergrounds rawest. This Halloween tale, that seems to be based on real life events might give you chills. Viewer discretion is advised.

3) “Pull Up” by Majik Duce

Its that time of year again and Duce was feeling festive. This is the 2022 Halloween anthem! “Pull Up” is a hard hitting track inspired by the Halloween aesthetic. You can access more to this song by heading to the official Majik Duce website and signing up with THECOMISSION.



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