YoungBoy: Real Killer or Fake Gangster?

Take a deep dive into the tumultuous life and career of NBA YoungBoy in this comprehensive video. Starting with a necessary disclaimer, the video delves into the artist’s beginnings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, amidst a backdrop of historic violence. Explore YoungBoy’s early life, his connection to the deadly rap war between TBG and BBG, and his association with the Never Broke Again (NBA) collective. Witness his rise to fame with ’38 Baby’ and the troubling incidents, including murder charges and feuds, that shaped his journey.

Discover the intense rivalries with Scotty Cain, the tragic deaths of Gee Money, Boozilla, Big Dump, and Blvd Quick, and even an incident at the Trump Hotel. Explore the significance of ‘AI Youngboy 2’ in modern rap, his career after probation, and the ongoing feud with Lit Yoshi. Gain insight into the Gaulden family dynamics, the impact of King Von’s death, and the escalating beef with Lil Durk.

Delve into YoungBoy’s legal troubles, including gun-related cases, and the controversial collaboration with Quando Rondo. Analyze the influence of YoungBoy’s music on the culture, from promoting non-violence to fueling tensions in the industry. Conclude with a look at the relentless rivalry between Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy, highlighting the ongoing drama. This video offers a comprehensive overview of NBA YoungBoy’s life, career, and the intricate web of controversies surrounding him.

Video by Trap Lore Ross



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