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Welcome to THECOMISSION NETWORK, we are a creative agency based out of Toledo, Ohio, United States. – We are the machine behind exclusive networks, independent creators and businesses.

We want you to own your intellectual property.

In the context of our platform, ownership means that individuals and businesses have complete control over their creative works and other assets. This includes everything from music, videos, and merchandise, to websites and data.

Unlike traditional models where record labels, distributors, and other intermediaries often control the rights to creative works, our platform empowers individuals and businesses to retain ownership of theirs. This means that they have the freedom to distribute and monetize their works in the way that they see fit, without having to give up control to a third-party entity.

By owning their own assets, individuals and businesses can benefit from greater control, flexibility, and autonomy. They can create their own distribution channels, set their own prices, and build direct relationships with their audience. This can lead to increased revenue, better engagement, and greater overall success.

The concept of ownership is central to our platform and represents a fundamental shift away from traditional models where intermediaries often hold the power. By putting ownership back in the hands of creators and businesses, we are creating a more equitable and empowering system that benefits everyone involved.

We want to create decentralized, censorship resistant data.

Decentralized storage is a type of storage system that distributes data across a network of computers rather than storing it in a centralized location. This means that instead of relying on a single server or data center to store and manage data, decentralized storage systems use a distributed network of nodes to store and share data.

There are several benefits of using decentralized storage for creative works and other assets. One of the biggest benefits is increased security. Since data is distributed across multiple nodes, it is much more difficult for a hacker to gain access to all of the data in the system. This makes decentralized storage a more secure option than centralized storage systems, which are vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

Another benefit of using decentralized storage is reduced costs. Since data is stored on a distributed network of nodes, there is no need for a centralized data center or server. This can lead to lower infrastructure costs, which can be especially beneficial for independent creators and small businesses that are looking to minimize expenses.

Finally, decentralized storage gives individuals and businesses greater control over their data. Since they own and manage their own data, they can choose where it is stored and who has access to it. This can be especially important for creators and businesses that are looking to protect their intellectual property and maintain control over their works.

Overall, decentralized storage is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses that are looking to store and share their creative works in a more secure, cost-effective, and decentralized way. By leveraging the power of distributed networks, individuals and businesses can take control of their data and build more resilient and sustainable systems.

We are programming contracts for creators and collaborators.

Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts that can automatically enforce the rules and conditions of an agreement between two or more parties. They are typically built on top of blockchain technology, which allows for secure and transparent transactions without the need for intermediaries.

In the context of our platform, smart contracts can be used to automate payment processes and ensure that creators and collaborators are paid directly and automatically every time their assets are traded. For example, a smart contract could be programmed to automatically transfer a certain percentage of revenue to a specific creator or collaborator every time their asset is sold.

One of the key benefits of using smart contracts is reduced transaction costs. Since they are executed automatically without the need for intermediaries, smart contracts can eliminate many of the fees associated with traditional payment systems. This can be especially beneficial for small transactions, where the fees associated with traditional payment methods can be a significant barrier to entry.

Another benefit of using smart contracts is increased transparency. Since smart contracts are built on blockchain technology, they are completely transparent and immutable. This means that all parties involved in the transaction can view and verify the terms of the contract, as well as the execution of the contract itself. This can help to build trust between parties and reduce the risk of fraud or disputes.

Overall, smart contracts are a powerful tool for automating payment processes and ensuring that creators and collaborators are paid directly and automatically every time their assets are traded. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, individuals and businesses can reduce transaction costs, increase transparency, and build more resilient and efficient systems.

We are creating a gamified ecosystem.

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and elements in non-game contexts, such as online platforms or applications, to engage and motivate users. In the context of our platform, gamification can be used to incentivize creators and collaborators to engage with our platform and build their own communities.

One way to implement gamification is through rewards systems. These systems can offer rewards or incentives to users for completing certain tasks, such as creating high-quality content or contributing to the growth of the platform. For example, a creator could be rewarded with tokens or other forms of digital currency for reaching certain milestones, such as reaching a certain number of followers or selling a certain number of assets.

Rewards systems can be effective in motivating users to create high-quality content and contribute to the growth of the platform. By offering tangible rewards for their efforts, creators and collaborators are more likely to invest their time and energy into the platform, which can lead to increased engagement and a stronger community.

Another way to implement gamification is through leaderboards and social features. Leaderboards can be used to track and display the performance of creators and collaborators, providing a competitive element that can motivate users to improve their own performance. Social features, such as comments and sharing, can encourage users to engage with each other and build connections within the community.

Overall, gamification can be a powerful tool for incentivizing creators and collaborators to engage with our platform and build their own communities. By leveraging the motivational power of game mechanics and elements, we can create a more engaging and rewarding experience for our users, while also driving the growth and success of our platform.

We are building a gamified ecosystem using our assets and products. Every item, from music to T-shirts and sweatshirts, will be transformed into a non-fungible token (NFT) and integrated into our gamification system. This means that every purchase or interaction with our products will contribute to the user’s gamification progress and rewards, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for our users.

We empower creators & businesses.

Musician Majik Duce is just one example of many individuals who have successfully used THECOMISSION NETWORK to take control of their assets and maximize their potential. With the help of our platform’s tools and guidance, Majik Duce was able to gain control of his music and release it on his own platform and outlets, without the need for traditional intermediaries such as record labels.

Not only was Majik Duce able to release his music independently, but he was also able to use THECOMISSION NETWORK’s tools and features to release new music and videos, as well as creating engaging contests that offered prizes to his fans and followers. By leveraging the gamification features of our platform, Majik Duce was able to continue building his strong and engaged community of fans, who were motivated to engage with his content and share it with their own networks.

Overall, these success stories and case studies illustrate the many benefits of using THECOMISSION NETWORK, including increased control over assets, reduced costs and intermediaries, and the ability to leverage gamification to engage and motivate users. By empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their own assets and data, we are helping to reshape the way that the creative and business industries operate, creating a more decentralized and equitable ecosystem for all.

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You can inquire about services without an account, here.

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We are the machine behind exclusive networks, independent creators and businesses, everything we do is about ownership. THECOMISSION NETWORK has been innovating since 2008. We are a community of unknown no-names, remaining independent and incentivizing our supporters.

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